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I encourage my team at Ashby Frames to create and experiment in their own artwork. I found that when everyone is pushing themselves creatively in their art, it shows in the frames. From creative collaboration, we come up with new finishes and designs that help us find unique frames for unique pieces of art that continue to come through our doors.

Being artists, we know how important it is to find a frame that harmonizes with your piece of artwork. We enjoy the challenge of creating unique custom pieces for your art.


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Rett has been a custom framer for 38 years and an artist all his life. He’s run art galleries, managed large teams of framers, created unique furniture pieces, painted murals and done many custom one of a kind frames for a variety of galleries and artists. He’s learned traditional techniques and created new techniques for challenging projects. He approaches everything he does with an artist’s perspective.

Rett encourages his team at Ashby Frames to create and experiment in their own artwork; this regularly brings new finishes and designs to the table.